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Pet Bunny

While our rabbits are happy to live in their commune style environment, complete with heated bowls, warm air in the winter, and fans in the summer, we have a few retired bunnies that roam around "free range" style. They gather around in the barn in the morning and evening to eat with the other animals.

Pet Bunny

Roscoe The Rabbit ~by Caren

What it is like sharing a house with a rabbit.

Rosco was born on February 9, 2008 along with his littermates. Champion Champagne D’Argent show rabbits are on both sides of his pedigree, but Rosco never cared about that. He has never been to a show.

About a month after his birth, Jerry noticed that one of the litter had an infected eye. Every day, twice a day, Jerry brought the little black bunny into the house so I could help treat his eye. As soon as the litter was weaned, Jerry built a bunny cage for the house. “Because,” he told me, “It’s too cold to keep bringing him in and out and this way we can treat him more often.” I agreed that his idea made sense, so Rosco rabbit moved in. When I came in one day to find Jerry and Rosco playing on the living floor together, I knew it was too late for Rosco to go back to the rabbit shed.

Well, Rosco has lived with us ever since. Here is a (partial) list of things that Rosco has chewed/eaten since he moved in: Carpeting, drapes, furniture, junk mail, mail that *wasn’t* junk mail, books, magazines, TV remote, electrical cords, blankets, shoes, jackets, T-shirts. I discovered that Rosco tries to eat much less of these if you make him a rabbit salad every day. Here is a partial list of Rosco-approved salad ingredients: Lettuce and salad greens of all kinds, spinach, carrots cut into julienne strips, sweet potatoes cut into chunks, sunflower kernels, dried cranberries, raisins. Some people might say that Rosco is one spoiled rabbit. We just think he has good taste.

As he grew, his coat got more silvery. And he got very good at using his litter box. Maybe it had something to with his main litter box teacher, Lillianna the cat, who could be very strict. (Cats are very picky about litter boxes.)

Of course Lillianna never hurt him and they still play together every day.

Rosco is quite comfortable being a house rabbit now. Pedigrees and trophies don’t impress him at all. Why should they when he can push his butt up against the air conditioner vent, stretch out, and take a nap!

Rosco is happy with his life in our house and we are happy to share our house with him!

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Jerry Fisher
1905 E.US highway 52, Martinton Il. 60951

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