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Champagne D'Argent is our only breed of rabbit. Our goal is to bring higher visibility to the breed and get more people involved in raising these large beautiful silver colored rabbits. Our Rabbits descend from champion Champagne D'Argent bloodlines and are carefully bred in order to meet all of the ARBA Standards of Perfection. We normally have "show quality" rabbits available for sale. If you are looking for a furry companion/house bunny we have those! All of our rabbits are guaranteed to please, or we will refund your money for the first 30 days!

We go to many rabbit shows in Illinois and Indiana and will be glad to deliver your rabbits to you, or we can arrange for you to pick up your new bunnies at our ranch near Martinton, IL. Stop by and say hello if you see us at a show, we love meeting new friends. Send us a quick email, or follow Jerry Fisher on Facebook! ~Jerry and Caren~

JC Bunny Ranch Breeding program works

Go to the Awards Page to see some of the awards that we have won at rabbit shows. Read this story and testimonial (opens an adobe .pdf file) from Hunter, a young man from Arkansas who bought some of our rabbits. If need some professional tips on how to breed and show, then head on over to Jerry's breeding advice page.

Deuce was the 1st of my present line that comes from mixing a buck from Dean Jamieson,(bos at 2007 convention) and Wayne Cleer's doe,WC248, Cleer's Princess.


It looks like this does color will be close to what I consider the right color.


J C Bunny Ranch is located at Sundown Farm near Martinton, Illinois, where Caren trains her three POAs (Ponies of the Americas) named Journey, Kes, and Zip. For more information follow Caren on Twitter to see what she is up to and ask her questions about training and living with the horses. Caren is available for scheduled educational visits, where she teaches children and young adults about living with and caring for horses. Journey loves to entertain and play fetch! Other residents at the farm include Gracie and Emily, the pygmy goats, and the barn cats Catalina, and Tiger. Lilliana, Irv and Willow, live in the house with Jerry and Caren. The Bunny Ranch has long been a shelter home for cats, and even a blind horse. More recently we have added Jubilee to our family. Jubilee was rescued from a local animal shelter. JC Bunny Ranch Photos Gallery has many photos of the rabbits and their friends. If you are looking for pictures of the award winning and show rabbits you can see them throughout the site. We add more pictures as often as possible. You can also follow Jerry on Facebook "Jerry Fisher" and Twitter @champagneguy if you would like some rabbit advice or to join in on some of the tips and tricks of the trade.

Pre-Junior Doe born 09/30/2010

Here is an example of one of our does that comes from great breeding! See the gallery pages for more pictures.


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JC Bunny Ranch is home to horses, goats, cats, and a dog too!

This is Willow. She is a rescue cat that has became part of the family!


Gracie the pigmy goat is a little shy, but her and Emily follow us all over the ranch and they love to eat cough drops.

Gracie in the bucket

Papa and Vera ride the tractor around the farm to scoop up dirt for the compost.

Papa Jerry and Vera

We love having visitors! Here are Brit and Em giving Zip a nice grooming, which he loved by the way.



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